What we do

Keeping children off the streets is a nonprofit charity for children, parents and families. Our mission is to put an end to the mistreatment and abuse of children in Africa. Our primary focus is to educate the population about the way children are treated there. Our aim is to welcome and assist all school drop-outs, those that are abandoned, and in general children that are victims of abuse in any way. We will also place particular focus on struggling parents by assisting, educating and helping them in any way or form so they can better raise the children in their families.

First we envision providing psychological and practical aid to the children in need, and then assisting drop-outs to re-enroll in school, because we believe education is the key for a better future.

Below are the most common challenges that children in Africa are facing:

  • Domestic abuse: Children need protection against any form of abuse and mistreatment.
  • Education: Children are entitled to a better education to give them the best chance of being good citizens of society in the future.
  • Health care: Children deserve to be receiving the proper vaccination/ immunization to protect them against fatal diseases.

Where we work

We will start off with children on the African continent. Hopefully in the future we will be able to expand to children across other areas of the world because a child in need of help is a child that needs to be helped, no matter where he/she is in the world.

Our history

Keeping Children Off The Streets was founded in 2013 by Joviale Tofo. The idea behind the project was the desire to come to the help of children in need, by providing them with shelter, better health and education, especially those children who have been rejected by their parents, those who have suffered trauma and violence in any psychological or physical way.

Our strategy/vision

We aspire to build a centre including shelter, school, hospital, etc…to welcome these children. The team of Keeping Children Off The Streets will be working with people of good will in order to make this project a success.

Our Objectives

We would like to provide medical care, give psychological as well as physical help to children who are on the streets, and those suffering from domestic violence and other form of abuse in their home. We aim to reintegrate them in society to give them a sense of belonging and also reunite with their original families. Furthermore, we want to enable these children to get the proper education and to provide those of working age without full education, with the necessary training for a better insertion in the workplace.

Work with us/volunteering

Keeping Children Off The Streets will need volunteers to accomplish its goals. We welcome motivated people with the same vision who can dedicate their spare time for a good cause. Training will be provided. Together lets put a smile on those children’s faces.